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℗ Synekine Project

The Synekine Project brings together performance and scientific research to create new ways to express ourselves. The neologism “synekinesia”, is built from the Greek terms “syn”, (union) and “kinesis” (movement). By analogy in “synaesthesia”, the phenomenon in which two or more senses of perception are associated, the “synekinesia”...


Birth of a Tree

Performance / Musical Theater

Our accelerated growth is depleting the planet’s resources. Other futures are possible. Their condition rests on the effort of each one to branch off, to get out of the average behavior. To marry solar resources, the new branch of the tree takes the tangent. The tree is an ecological model of society whose development is based on novelty and singularity.

Birth of a Tree is an enhanced musical theater performance taking the bifurcation as leitmotif. Open artwork, its structure borrows its complexity from the silhouette of a tree whose branches are as many possible musical ramifications.